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Me and a sea cow

Today was an exciting day for me. I thought that I would have to scrap the idea of going snorkeling since the weather was looking iffy as I headed North to Jupiter. I decided that I didn’t want to waste an hour driving and I would just check out Boca Raton since I keep hearing all about it. So slight detour, exit stage right. As I get to the beach, there is really no one around but I see the few people there staring at something in the water. I ask the life guard what all the fuss is about and he says there is a manatee just hanging out. Well, I’ve gotten ready pretty quickly but this was probably record timing.

domino sea turtle thumbnail

Weekend of swimming with Sam the nurse shark and Domino the sea turtle

domino sea turtle thumbnailThis weekend was finally great weather to snorkel. It has been very windy and choppy the last few weekends. I made sure to take full advantage.

The ocean was as flat as glass. I hit the ocean saturday morning at 9 am. It is breakfast time for the fishies. I sure didn’t want to miss a beat. I clearly wasn’t the only one with the brilliant idea of hitting the water. Diving flags were everywhere.

I couldn’t help but feel excitement at seeing my nurse sharks again. I’ve been feeling like a fish out of water lately. I knew that if I asked to see my sharks that I’d get it.