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Follow your heart.

Follow your heart. I intend to run however. All day and all night. I don’t ever want to stop. Running is my addiction. My drug. What keeps me strong. It keeps me from cracking. It’s great to have Teddy to keep me company. Had an awesome hard 3 miles this morning. Starting over sucks but it’s better than not being able to @altrarunning

Teddy and his shenanigans.

Teddy up to his shenanigans. 2 miles again today. Little bit faster pace. Recovery is hard that’s for sure. Just so damn happy to be running again. I didn’t need to lose it to know what I had. I cherish every step I get to make. I enjoy the sweat stinging my eyes. The heavy breathing and constant struggle to keep going. I don’t ever want to be kept away from running again. Not sure I’d survive

Teddy and I are back!

Teddy and I are back! Even at a sloooooow pace and only 1 mile. I was super nervous and wasn’t entirely sure how I would feel but there was no pain only fatigue and even hours later still no pain. I need to continue to work on fixing mobility and flexibility. That will be key. 6 weeks out and it never felt so great to sweat and lace up

Everyday just keep swimming.

Everyday just keep swimming. Entering week 6 of no running. There were some dark days but there is now progress. I could walk down stairs like most yesterday. HUGE. Today I walked in the sand without pain OR a limp. I even swam down to the bottom kicking. Progress makes me feel hopeful. Now to lace up and get back on the road. I’m thankful for the amazing friends and support I have had. We all need help. It’s hard to ask for it but it’s even harder to admit it

Be who you were created to be

“Be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire!”

Today was one of those moments you realize there is always something to learn from instances. The lack of running has forced me into. Teddy came with me today. He missed the ocean just as much as I did. My laps were in ocean today where A sea turtle swam with me for 10 minutes. I swam with a school of over 100 fish and a 100lb tarpon stalked me. Can’t say that it was boring at all. I truly LOVE FL.