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How a great white shark changed my life

Life is funny at times. I always know to expect the unexpected. That has always been my life. Good and bad but all in all pretty good. I admit times have been hard the past year or so with the business. It’s never fun being in a slump. The great thing about a slump is that you start thinking out of the box and you tend to take bigger chances. The comfy life you got used to is no longer there and you realize that life is as fluid as water and makes some waves. The slump never stays for long if you make a choice to do something about it.

Final Day of great white shark diving with Shredder #sharkbait2010

Once again I was up at the uber butt crack before dawn… aka 5am. I just naturally wake up from excitement plus getting more than 7 hours of sleep is unnatural to me. I just love watching them put the cages in the water. It’s like a neat little sunrise dance. To me anyways. It was a nice thing to wake up to. I get to watch the sunrise over the clouds that came over the island and then had a bit of breakfast. Mainly consists of ginger root pills, bagel and cream cheese and water. Maybe a lil coffee but that wasn’t a regular thing. I liked jumping into the cold, freezing my ass, water to wake me up.. and boy did it. LOVED IT!

Day 2 Diving with Great Whites with a Full BREACH! #sharkbait2010

Another day starts before the break of dawn. It’s nice getting up and relaxing a bit before they drop the cages in the water. I opted to do shark watch again so that I get extra time in the cages. I went light for breakfast again which is fine. The everything bagels are sooooo good.

I decided that there is never enough suit juice because it’s still a bitch getting into the wetsuit. I spend so much energy trying to get my ass in it. Tomorrow I’m just pouring it all out on myself. Hahaha… I am in the cage by 745am. Not as early as I like but still. Brian was in before me and came out just as I was going in.

Day 1 of great white shark diving in Guadalupe Islands #sharkbait2010

I wake up before the butt crack of dawn. We have arrived at Guadalupe islands at 330am. I am up at 5am. I get to watch them put the cages in, the sun come up sorta and have a light breakfast of a bagel. I am anxious to get in the water but first we have to get our safety study course as well as tell us who our cell mates are and what rotation we are on.

welcome aboard the Horizon

Guadalupe Islands bound! #sharkbait2010

welcome aboard the HorizonWe don’t actually leave the dock till well past midnight but it doesn’t really matter since we don’t get to Ensenada Mexico til 830am the next morning to go by customs and such and pick up an observer to make sure we don’t do anything illegal. Hehehehe.. The sleeping on the boat with the rocking was quite calming. I did have a few beers before hand so I was up a few times which isn’t easy when sleeping quarters are downstairs and bathrooms are up and down the back fo the boat.

Me as a stuffed doll

Playing in San Diego and Sea World #sharkbait2010

Me as a stuffed dollI get into san diego on time at 11am. Happy to report that I had my luggage arrive with me. I am always a bit anxious when I know I need all my stuff to arrive. My hotel is literally down the street tho the cab ride still costs $10. No biggie. I am not actually staying in a hotel till the night I come back but they are allowing me to store my luggage there since I don’t have to be at the docks til 930pm. Turns out, Christa is also in San Diego so her and her sis come and pick me up for burritos. Yum. We go to Lucha Libre Tacos.

Great White Shark

Countdown to the Great White Shark dive

Great White SharkIt all started when I was 7 years old. My pop-pop (grandpa) would take me to the beach every week to collect shells. Thats what you do when you grow up in south Florida. One day I came across a shark’s tooth. I asked my mom to take me to the library (no internet back then) to see what type of tooth it was. I quickly learned it was a Tiger Shark. Gorgeous creatures by the way. In no time, I came home with every shark book I could find to learn more. I became a bit obsessed with sharks. NOt much has changed since then.