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Running Wild at Lion Country Safari

I iz a gatorNothing better than being chosen to do a fun activity all in the name of social media. Thanks to Chevy and Lion Country Safari I was able to do just that. It all happened on a Friday afternoon. Riding with me was my bud @PamRocksWorld. I had a few others but being that it was a work day for “those regular” peeps they could not attend. No worries. We were able to invite up to 3 others.
The Mission: Test drive a Chevy vehicle through the Safari.
Seemed simple enough. The mission Chevy has is to get “butts in seats” without being pushy. Mission accomplished Chevy.

Surfs up, dude. Free Surf Lessons!

YAWN..I am so not a morning person but for a free surf lesson I can be. Ha. No really. I am! The fine people at island water sports are nice enough to put them on every saturday morning starting at 7am.

I got there right at 7. I was expecting 5…10 tops but there was atleast 50.

After signing in and giving my emergency contact we were all assigned teams. I was teamed up with 2 teenage girls. We grabbed our 9′ padded board and headed to the beach.

Father/daughter fishing day in Everglades City

Waking up at 545am is not my idea of fun. However, its a yearly fishing trip I do with my dad so it’s well worth it. We have been doing these trips since I was 7 years old.

We make the trek across alligator alley (damn it, just got sprayed twice and its 59 out) yes, im writting this as we make the hour long trek out to the soon to be meal dinners. I took front seat cause i love my dad. So as i was saying… Its just under a 2 hour car ride to meet up with our fantastic fishing guide Tony.

Today I was hoping to see a sunrise but its over cast and cloudy. No cookie for me getting up early :( I can almost see sunlight now as its 848am.