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Day trip riding around in the Truly Nolen Mousecar

Thats how this day went. Five of us where chosen to participate and bring a guest to parade around in the Truly Nolen mousecars. 10 of us total. Each person had their own Truly Nolen drivers. My driver was Ray. Full of information about all the services that Truly Nolen offers. Being a home owner, I had loads of questions.

The day started off by the girls, Carolyn, Tracy and Christina meeting at my house. The drive there, was an adventure in itself. Getting to the Truly Nolen Hallendale location we saw all of the cars lined up and waiting for us.

Running Wild at Lion Country Safari

I iz a gatorNothing better than being chosen to do a fun activity all in the name of social media. Thanks to Chevy and Lion Country Safari I was able to do just that. It all happened on a Friday afternoon. Riding with me was my bud @PamRocksWorld. I had a few others but being that it was a work day for “those regular” peeps they could not attend. No worries. We were able to invite up to 3 others.
The Mission: Test drive a Chevy vehicle through the Safari.
Seemed simple enough. The mission Chevy has is to get “butts in seats” without being pushy. Mission accomplished Chevy.