Making lemonade outta lemons here.

Photo Caption: Making lemonade outta lemons here. It was a dark place the first 2 weeks of injury. Coming to a complete stop from doing what I truly love was hard and depressing. Still sucks BUT I’m taking this time to lose the extra pudge and do weights 3x and swim 2-3x starting this week. Finally able to walk without crutches albeit slow and for a limited time. At least I have my independence back. I’m not thrilled for the change but I’ll do all I can to come back stronger than before and hopefully with less fat. I truly love everything about running. I miss it horribly and I can’t wait to hit the pavement, hopefully not literally again. Until then, I’ll be a gym rat and enjoy all the veggies I can stuff my face with. Lemonade is tasty dammit.

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