Pebble and RunKeeper not a keeper

I was excited to learn about the marriage between Pebble and Runkeeper as my running goal for 2014 was to increase my speed. I had been thinking about a Garmin watch but one more thing to sync was just not what I had in mind. A smart watch seemed much better choice. However, the marriage between Pebble and Runkeeper fails horribly. You are unable to customize the view. You only get average pace, distance and time. It would have been nice to toggle the average pace to current pace. Something that seems simple enough as 2 of the 3 right buttons are not utilized. You can ONLY pause sand start again with the middle button. Also, on my second run the Pebble stopped communication with Runkeeper which I read is common.

For now, I am returning it as it does not suit my immediate needs. The idea is neat but the execution is mediocre at best. So sad. I’m sure Apple will come out with one and Pebble will have lost a market that could have gotten behind it. Maybe they will get their act together before hand but until then I’ll suffer with the voices in my head every 1/4 and 1/2 mi for my pace.

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