Combating Taper Madness


As I enter into my second experience of tapering, I am putting what I learned to make it easier. The last time, it being my first experience, what not pleasurable by any means. I was even more ravenous than I had been the 3 months of training. I was irritable and just bitchy. 

So, this time around even though I warned everyone around me I didn’t want to be THAT person. I wanted to enjoy the moments. So far, 3 days in and I’m doing well. Ok ok. It’s only 3 days but by now I would have already devoured a poor unsuspecting soul. 

The weather has been amazing. I’m able to finally have creative AHA moments on my run. So life is pretty sweet. I’m trying to make plans and do the regular body maintenance. Extra stretching, foam rolling, chiropractor visit and of course some spa time. 

These are all great prepping moves for MARATHON DAY… It’s still gives me butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. I’m looking forward to it but also a reprieve from marathon training. However, I’ll be starting training back up in March but to focus on form, speed and leaning out. 

So as M-Day approaches (10 days), I’ll be busy with some extra pamper time. 

Behind the pain, you will find your deepest strengths. ~Manderisms 


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