Me and a sea cow

Today was an exciting day for me. I thought that I would have to scrap the idea of going snorkeling since the weather was looking iffy as I headed North to Jupiter. I decided that I didn’t want to waste an hour driving and I would just check out Boca Raton since I keep hearing all about it. So slight detour, exit stage right. As I get to the beach, there is really no one around but I see the few people there staring at something in the water. I ask the life guard what all the fuss is about and he says there is a manatee just hanging out. Well, I’ve gotten ready pretty quickly but this was probably record timing.

I jump in the water and swim out about 20 yards and there he is. Massive and amazing. I’ve seen them plenty from a boat but never like this. Never even occured to me that I could but here I am. He doesn’t seem to care that I’m around him. There is one older gentleman that is swimming with him as well. I have no idea if manatees can be aggressive. Only thing I know is that they like leafy things. Hehe.

So I keep my distance for a little bit to let him know that I’m a friendly gal and just want to play. That’s always a great thing to do when you come across creatures if you want to hang out with them for a while. You are in their element, not the other way around. It seemed to have worked since he let me swim up to him and give him a little rub. Yes, I had to touch him. Come on now. You should know me better. I will eventually touch or at least attempt to touch everything I come across. Teeth or not. I’m a professional so kids don’t try this at home. ((insert disclaimer and legal stuff here)) hehe.

He seemed pretty curious about me as we would kinda go around in circles. It was a neat little harmony groove we got into. A dance if you will. I didn’t want to go rubbing on him to much though. It’s not safe for them in the long run. They are very slow, very lazy creatures. Nothing to exciting really. Just a unique experience. Something to check off my list of things to do though technically it was never on it.  :)

I’m happy that I was lucky enough to be able to swim with one. I guess they like to come into the beach water every once in a while. Something I never knew.  I just used to go down to the port to a little special place to see them before 9/11 happened.

What an exciting day it was. Nothing else going on in that area. Thankfully the sea cow made it. Boca just has not impressed me as of yet with snorkeling. No good reef systems. I am a bit spoiled too so that  doesn’t help. What can I saw, I’m a lucky gal and I’m greatful for it. Don’t want any of them to eat me.



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