What I learned on the great white diver trip #sharkbait2010

  1. A live aboard has great cooking
  2. Great whites have blue eyes
  3. Seals aren’t actually afraid of great whites
  4. Great whites DO breach in Guadalupe
  5. Sleeping on the top bunk is a lot of fun
  6. The rocking of a boat while sleeping is like being a newborn being rocked to sleep
  7. You get used to the rocking and how to move around and walking on land is quite difficult to do afterwards
  8. The cage doesn’t actually prevent you from getting out of the cage or the shark coming in the cage
  9. Seals can catch mackerel quite well
  10. Great whites are curious about noises and will respond to their name J
  11. Seals hang upside down to look for great whites
  12. The island of Guadalupe was once green until the goats ate all the vegetation
  13. A 7mm wetsuit is a bitch to get on
  14. A 7mm wetsuit does not keep ALL of the cold-ass water out
  15. Taking a shower on an ever rocking boat is never done with grace
  16. There can never be to many handles in the bathroom on a rocking boat
  17. Staring a great white in the eye changes your life. And to see the blue in their eyes makes them more real and full of a soul that some people claim they don’t have.

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2 Responses to “What I learned on the great white diver trip #sharkbait2010”

  1. mander77 September 27, 2010 at 12:51 am Permalink

    So great to hear you had the same experience.Seems thats a common thing with Shark Diver. I miss the sharks and it hasn’t even been a week. I think its the connection with the crew, people on the boat and coming face to face with the sharks that makes you miss it. Can’t get that just anywhere. I finally got my land legs back. Took 3 days. Such a weird feeling. Thanks again. Please stay in touch. ~amanda

  2. Drew Grgich September 27, 2010 at 12:22 am Permalink

    Loved the blog entries on your Isla Guadalupe trip! I went Sept. 7-11 with SharkDiver/Horizon and had the single best trip of my life. You put into words much of what I was feeling in much better language than I could!

    It was fun to re-live the trip through your eyes. I miss the island and the experience way more than I thought I would. :(

    The land legs last at least four days, BTW. You should be better by Tuesday. :)