Playing in San Diego and Sea World #sharkbait2010

Get up at 4am to catch a 625a flight. Now I had just gone to bed at 130a since I as usual had waited til the last minute to pack. I still left a few things home. Oh well. Time to do a makeshift solution to it. Flight was easy… I slept most of the way on both legs. Nothing to report.

I get into san diego on time at 11am. Happy to report that I had my luggage arrive with me. I am always a bit anxious when I know I need all my stuff to arrive. My hotel is literally down the street tho the cab ride still costs $10. No biggie. I am not actually staying in a hotel till the night I come back but they are allowing me to store my luggage there since I don’t have to be at the docks til 930pm.

Lucha Libre Tacos

Lucha Libre Tacos

Turns out, Christa is also in San Diego so her and her sis come and pick me up for burritos. Yum. We go to Lucha Libre Tacos. The place has a bunch of Lucha Libre masks and other memorabilia. Quite interesting. Great place. The burritos were the size of my forearm. No joke. Filled up on food and they were nice enough to drop me off at Sea World.

Me as a doll for Sea World

Me as a stuffed doll

Sea World was a blast. It was smaller compared to the one in Orlando but had quite of bit of interaction with the a lot of the animals. It was a good start to the week that lies ahead. I was able to feed sea lions, touch, feel and feed bat rays. I just missed the feeding of dolphins. Just missed the feeding of the piranhas, which would have been awesome to see if its like in the movies. I just wanted to see their teeth. :D Then I finally got to see the Shamu show. Its been well over 10 years since I’ve seen it. It was done really well. A good human interest story attached to it which hit home because my story is similar to the shark and the whole reason Im here.

Breaking Waves at OB

It was a pretty great day so far. I left Sea World around 6pm and headed over Ocean Beach (OB is what the locals call it). I wanted to check out the beach and grab a bit before I loaded on the docks. I get the cabby to take me there and there are a ton of surfers. The water is 62degrees mind you. The waves are nice and its not choppy like it is in FL. Watch the sun settle and the surfers and make my way towards food. I stop in the food store so I can get some Dramamine since I’m not sure what to expect. End up passing by a Chinese restaurant and realize that is what I want. It’s called Lil chef and if you are ever near OB I suggest going there. They were so friendly nice and the food was great. It doesn’t look like much but it was awesome. The lady knew all the locals by their FIRST name which is unheard of these days.

Finish dinner, head back to the hotel to get my stuff and to charge what I can. Go to the docks and people are already there. Dammit. I wanted to be the first. Im greeted by Marc who graciously takes my bags and takes me where I need to go. Instantly greeted by other passengers on the boat and we get to chatting of course asking where you are from and if you have done this before. Most are experienced divers who haven’t done this type of dive before. Get to meet everyone else and I’m sure I’ll be asking their names time and time again. Because I am bad with names for most.

Everyone finally gets on board and we are all chatting it up.

San Diego Sea World

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Day wandering in San Diego

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