Final Day of great white shark diving with Shredder #sharkbait2010

Once again I was up at the uber butt crack before dawn… aka 5am. I just naturally wake up from excitement plus getting more than 7 hours of sleep is unnatural to me. I just love watching them put the cages in the water. It’s like a neat little sunrise dance. To me anyways. It was a nice thing to wake up to. I get to watch the sunrise over the clouds that came over the island and then had a bit of breakfast. Mainly consists of ginger root pills, bagel and cream cheese and water. Maybe a lil coffee but that wasn’t a regular thing. I liked jumping into the cold, freezing my ass, water to wake me up.. and boy did it. LOVED IT!

I was going on shark watch. This was the last day and I wanted as much time in the water as possible. There is no grace of watching me squeeze into my wetsuit. No matter how much suit juice I put on I am still struggling. It was probably too snug to my skin but I figured it was probably best than it a little loose and then I get a bunch of that cold-ass water rushing down my back. The weight belt stops it from getting past my hips. The anticipation of getting to spot the first shark of the day is exciting to me and I did this time. Tho he stayed pretty low but no longer than 10 minutes go by after I start rapping on the cage does one make an appearance at least.

The seals are once again around. They seem to think they own us or something. Yesterday they were pissing us off because they started to aggravate and pick at the sharks and since they aren’t as aggressive as one thinks they just stayed away. Not what we want. I rather have one of the sharks eat the damn seals honestly but that’s just me and my curiosity to see a predation happen.

The water is murky a bit longer but clears up quite nicely and much calmer today. So that’s nice. There is a new shark hanging out today. The top half of the dorsal fin is flopped over and has seen a few fights in his day that’s for sure. He’s a pretty decent size shark. Atleast 15’ long. Jacques makes his way as well. The 2 sharks seem to be acting a bit odd today. Moving a bit faster through the water and are actually teaming up a bit and one has even chased after a seal today. The seal didn’t even seem to be paying attention where the sharks were either. Not very bright but I was hoping it would get eaten. It’s the cycle of life. J

The sharks were coming pretty close today. I was moving all over the cage. Straddling it in every way to get the best possible shot. Hanging out of it quite often. I couldn’t figure out why I had a tender spot on the back of my head then realized it’s from the cage. Hehe. War wounds. They rock. I have many on my hands from the battle of getting the wet suit on. So, since the first shift was over, I decided to stay in the cage but Brian decided to get out. WIMP. Hehe. Why leave when all the sharks are all active and it was a skeleton rotation but since it was a half day I was planning on spending as much time as possible.

Funny thing is that after the first shift, the sharks decided to take a little break. It was like they are all clocking in and out and some woke up late. I guess we kept them up to late the night before. J Of course this is just my imagination just going nuts. The crazy artist that I am. Hehe.

Then comes Shredder. I finally get to meet this guy face to face. And quite literally. He was cruising the surface and close to the cage for quite some time. Quite spectacular. He is massive. At 16’ and quite rotund but one amazingly beautiful beast, always smiling at me and I caught his gaze. He definitely has a great personality. They are just like big BIG dogs in my opinion.

So after he left I decided to depart after being in the cage for about 2 hrs. I was able to warm up a bit before the last dive of the day. Then we would have to hurry up and pack it all up and head out to the rocky weather that awaits us.

The last dive and Souxie decided to sit again, so once again it was just me and Brian. Brian likes to sing underwater as well as dance and do tricks. Hilarious and amusing. I should have gotten video but alas I did not. Shredder and the unnamed shark were hanging out again and Jacques decided to come around as well. He was getting pretty close today as well as the unnamed. Lets call the unnamed shark Sharkbait since he did seem to get his ass kicked quite a bit. He is adorable though. They all are. Though I guess they are a bit traditional and won’t let me kiss them till after the first date. Oh well. Next time I’ll bring flowers to woo them and by flowers I mean large bits of tuna. The best way to a sharks heart is through his massive stomach.

It was a great end to the trip. It was as if they were saying good-bye and coming by to pay their regards. Ok that’s what I want to think anyways. I really was upset to have to leave them. One of the best experiences of my life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Sharks seen day 3:

  1. Shredder
  2. Jacques
  3. Unnamed-aka sharkbait
  4. Unknown

It was a mad rush to get lunch and everything put away since they said it would be pretty rocky and stuff would get tossed all over the place. Once we lifted anchor it wasn’t that long that it was true. We hit the rough waters almost instantly as we left the island. I popped a few pills to make sure I keep all my lunch down.

It was like being on a roller coaster for 16 hours. The boat roughed 10’ swells till we got to Ensenada, Mexico. I was up till about 10pm and went to bed. We watched a bunch of different movies. Napped. Snacked on everything we could get our hands on and had some pasta dinner. I stuck to bottled water since it was the easiest way to drink. Trying to move around when the boat is sideways was an interesting experience but honestly it was soooooo much fun. I shouted YEEHAW quite a bit when we would roll a lot. Kyle hung out with us a bit watching movies in-between him checking on the engine room. Ron and Doug stayed up as well hanging out and watching movies. The rest of the peeps where downstairs either tossing their lunch or sleeping or both. Brian would pop up occasionally but go back down. Was always amusing watching people move about. I am quite impressed when the crew would move about outside. I know I would have gotten tossed out of the boat for sure. I would have failed at that game. Haha…. Then be truly SHARKBAIT.

Wake up to the boat not rocking and we were in Ensenada. Only 9 hours to go before we are back to the docks in San Diego. This is where Paola was to depart. She was our spy from the Mexican gov’t to see what we were doing and who we were. She was really sweet and don’t speak Spanish to her unless you want to get corrected. Amusing for sure.

The rest of the ride home was easy compared to the previous 16 hours.

We were able to see a huge pod of dolphins a few hours later. That was neat, unfortunately they didn’t stick around and I didn’t get any good pics and the captain didn’t slow down for them. No worries.

We actually made it back to the docks by 430pm. Much sooner than I thought. I was expecting to be home at 9pm. So that gave me time to relax, recharge, and then head out to the gas lamp district. It was sad saying good-bye to everyone. I got so used to being around them. They were all pretty great people. I hope we all stay in touch. We all shared quite an amazing time together.

I ended up heading out to gas lamp district/ downtown around 730p. I walked around. Almost bought a Michigan J Frog giclee but I actually thought it was an original pencil drawing. Wasn’t worth the $450 they were asking though I did almost buy it. Tempting since he is my all time favorite cartoon character. I spent enough on this trip as it was, so I just said no and bought a $15 shark shirt.

Ended up at The Field, a traditional Irish pub. The food and drink was delish. I actually think I went to a place called the field while I was in Ireland but could be wrong  I wasn’t in the mood for tex-mex or thai or burgers but a Sheppard pie was exactly what I was craving since I really just wanted to go to a pub and not to a fancy restaurant or club. There were a lot of those along this street too. Next time.

As I recap my trip, I look back and think how truly lucky I am to have experienced it all and how it was truly a trip of a lifetime. Not many people can say they have done it or even want too. Honestly I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t. There was never even a second I thought my life was threatened. They are truly the lazy Mexican shark and I wished I had taken one home or got to touch one.

Now to sort through the hundreds of photos and video and put something together.

My life is forever changed! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Best birthday present ever to myself :)

September 20

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September 21

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2 Responses to “Final Day of great white shark diving with Shredder #sharkbait2010”

  1. mander77 September 27, 2010 at 3:47 pm Permalink

    O M G… you are online. I don’t believe my eyes. :) Hahaha.. you were a repeater of all things food for sure.
    Someone got pooped on? Sharks poop. But that doesnt keep them sexy. :) Im just a bit confused how someone in a cage got pooped on. I just cant visualize it and I can with just about anything. Haha… Glad you made it back safely.

  2. Souxie September 27, 2010 at 3:09 pm Permalink

    Heyya Chickie!!! Great blog!! (My first ever – this is a sure sign of the Armegeddon!) Ahhh, the memories! I’m sure missing Mark and Rochelle!! I’m telling everyone that it’s fortunate they feed us well, since I saw most of it twice! After your blog I read someone else’s who went a couple of weeks before us. Guess what?? They got pooped on by Shredder!!! Oh how lucky!!!! ….wait, I think…. yeah, sure, lucky!
    Glad you made it back home safely!!!
    = )