Weekend of swimming with Sam the nurse shark and Domino the sea turtle

Divers Flag -That Travel Chic

Great day for a dive

This weekend was finally great weather to snorkel. It has been very windy and choppy the last few weekends. I made sure to take full advantage.

The ocean was as flat as glass. I hit the ocean saturday morning at 9 am. It is breakfast time for the fishies. I sure didn’t want to miss a beat. I clearly wasn’t the only one with the brilliant idea of hitting the water. Diving flags were everywhere.

I couldn’t help but feel excitement at seeing my nurse sharks again. I’ve been feeling like a fish out of water lately. I knew that if I asked to see my sharks that I’d get it.

The water was a cool 76ish. Perfect for a rash guard to keep me warm. I jumped in and instantly felt at home. I normally go South of the Commercial pier when I go. This time I had my volleyball buddy, Jeff, accompany me.

The snorkel season normally starts around this time. It’s when the water starts getting warmer and the wind and waves die down which means the visibility becomes better. I was thrilled to find someone else to share in my underwater adventures.

School of fish -that travel chic

Massive school of hungry fishies

The great thing about going first thing in the morning is that you get to see the fish starting about their day. Foraging for food and the mass amount of fish in the schools. If you are lucky enough you will get a chance to see Fred or Sam swimming around. They are my nurse sharks depending on the size. Fred is the bigger one, normally 6′ long. They are completely harmless and so beautiful to see swimming through the water.  Today was that day that I got to see Sam swimming around.

Domino the sea turtle -that travel chic

Meet Domino, the sea turtle

Next up was discovering the new sea turtle in the area, Domino. I named her Domino because of the barnacles on her back look like a domino piece.  She was very friendly once she got used to us being around her. She was an average size to what I normally see around. So curious tho and really allowed us to get really close and swim next to her for quite a while. Which is one of the most amazing feelings. Not only is it just like being in a whole new world when you are under water but to be one with the life below just puts it on a whole new level of serenity. I am pretty sure that I was a fish in another life and if there was ever a procedure to get gills, I’d be the first in line.

It was definitely a great weekend in the salt. I can’t wait to see Domino and Sam again. I am hoping that they learn to recognize me and become comfortable around me more and more they see me.

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