Surfs up, dude. Free Surf Lessons!

free surf lessons in deerfield

Walking to the beach

YAWN..I am so not a morning person but for a free surf lesson I can be. Ha. No really. I am! The fine people at island water sports are nice enough to put them on every saturday morning starting at 7am.

I got there right at 7. I was expecting 5…10 tops but there was atleast 50.

After signing in and giving my emergency contact we were all assigned teams. I was teamed up with 2 teenage girls. We grabbed our 9′ padded board and headed to the beach.

Free surf lessons

Getting ready for the dry run

We all gathered around and got the spiel about the dos and don’ts and to remember to always be having fun!

So each of us had a turn to do a dry run on the boards in the sand. Teaching us how to paddle, pop up, look and turn our hips. I just couldnt wait to actually get in the damn water. Our surf instructor was a Hawaiian. So you know he knew his stuff. He was certified which is even better.

Finally got in but it was pretty rough. 4-5′ waves not ideal for learning. Getting out was work in itself. I let the girls go first. Each person got 3 tries each. Each sorta got up 1 outta 3 times. By the time it was my turn they were exhausted battling the waves so an instructor was with me. Which was ideal since I got alot of extra attention and help.

Saturday morning surf lessons

Me and the softboard longboard

Let me tell you, it was nothing that I remember when i was 12 years old. ;) Lot more work and much harder to find balance and POP up. It was still tons of fun.

I got up sorta once and it was a beautiful wave. Rest was me trying to figure how to get the mechanics down. Their learning boards are perfect and you can rent them afterwards. I got to speak to one of the instructors and learned that the longboards are best for this area as you can ride every day. It’s all about having fun!!!

Needless to say, I went and bought a 9′ longboard and will be selling my other shortboard. They say the older you get the longer the board. Hehe. So true. Longer is better! ;)

It was such a beautiful day and an adventure to learn to surf. I’ll be sure to go again for a refresher course. Check out the surf lesson events calendar at Island Water Sports. Until then stay wet fort lauderdale!

Sunrise in Deerfield Beach

Amazing sunrise!

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